Wickedywitch Stories – The Secret Life of Annie – part 17

The coffee shop was quite busy with the lunchtime rush, grabbing a small table in the middle they discussed Laura’s disappearance, Annie frightened for her daughter and Sue wanting to get the police involved, Wayne on his way down….  In the end they decided to wait until Wayne arrived and make the decision then, this was the hardest thing that Annie had to do, she was frightened and worried about Laura and felt she should  be doing lots more to find her, but what?….

Simon was muttering under his breath as he drove towards Hereford, he should have waited until the rush hour had gone by before heading of. He had a lot to do though before Annie got back, and was angry that he had to take a week off to sort things out. Banging his hand down hard on his horn at the slow car in front did nothing to calm him down. The roads continued to be slow as he came off the A44 onto the A4103 to Hereford.  Laura had become just like her mother, argumentative, talking back at him, no respect for him at all. She had gone too far, just like her mother, he had to teach her a lesson, he had soon sorted her out, and Annie will come home once she knows that her precious daughter had gone missing. A cruel smile sat in a vicious line on his face, his eyes piercing with hate, his hands clenched onto the steering wheel as anger flooded through him, the more he thought of Annie the angrier he got.  It was all that silly bitches fault everything had been just how he wanted it, until she decided to back chat him, okay he had gone a bit too far putting her into hospital the rage had got hold of him. That was her fault as well; cursing again he hit the horn hard again bruising the side of his hand.

‘This place is lovely dear’ Sue had sat down on one of the old sofas in the cottage.  Ben had gone to check a couple of things for the owners and had left them to wander around. Sitting next to Sue, she looked around the room, it was cosy even though cluttered, and it saddened her that the old ladies stuff had been left unwanted by her family. She wondered if they had even visited her when she was alive. She almost felt as if she was trespassing, ‘it’s a shame the family didn’t want to come and sort out the old ladies stuff’  nodding Sue looked around the room, ‘probably too busy’  they both sat in silence lost in their own thoughts until Ben walked through the door shattering the silence, ‘how are you doing? Do you have any questions?’ Annie looked around the room again and had to ask what was going to happen to the stuff, it saddened her to think of someone coming in and piling it off into skips etc. ‘The owners have asked us to clear it for them, they don’t want anything kept, I’ll get that sorted out as soon as I can’ coming to a quick decision Annie asked Ben if she could sort it out.  The owners had agreed on Annie’s price and all that was left to do was sort out the legal side of things, they had already had the conveyance done. Leaving Annie and Sue, Ben went off to chat to the owners and came back with a big smile on his face. ‘They have agreed that you can sort out the stuff, and also that you can have a key to come and go as you please, as long as you don’t start any major work until the legal papers have been signed’

Heading back to Ilfracombe, the key safely tucked into her purse, Annie’s mobile pinged with a text; Wayne had sent her a message saying he was half an hour away. The relief that he wasn’t far, and the fear of her daughter’s disappearance hit her hard. Pulling over, she quickly wiped her eyes; Sue hugged her and told her that she would drive giving Annie time to compose herself.  When they arrived at the cottage, Sue popped the kettle on and left Annie to go and wash her face with cold water. Wayne pulled up onto the drive, looking tired and in need of something to eat.  Sue left them to catch up and headed into town to grab some fish and chips for tea; it was going to be a long night she was thinking to herself, ‘what’s that nasty husband of hers up to?’ shaking her head she quickly nipped home to check a few things, then headed back to the cottage.


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Im a wickedywitch, this blog is about my daily pottering, my writing, poetry, and general witchy things I get upto, from foraging to make wine, or herbal remedys, to drumming, or creating an item from scratch with materials or cooking.
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