Wickedywitch Stories – The Lady of Light and Dark

The lady of Light and Dark

The sun sent a shimmering carpet of muted light through the forest, its glow warm and peaceful.  He stood leaning against a tree, the sun warm on his face.  He felt the calm and peace wash over him relieving the tension from his body, he heard her before he saw her.

She moved through the forest alone and content, the Lady of the light.  Her robe leaving a trail of movement as leaves fluttered and fall slowly back to the forest floor.  Singing softly as she wandered, touching trees gently as she passed, he watched mesmerised by her beauty and grace.  He can smell her perfume as she passes by him, and his heart soars with a love so strong. His eyes take in her every movement; he slowly follows as she draws him to her. As he watches, the forest envelopes his senses and taking a step forward he disturbs the tranquillity as birds rise in a flurry of noise that echoes around the forest as they fly away.

She stops and turns, glancing around her with a nervous smile then as if in relief she laughs out loud as she watches the birds flying up into the trees.  Hardly daring to breathe he stands hidden as the forest slips back into a haven of peace. She resumes her walking though with her senses alert as if sensing that he was following her.  He follows as he can do nothing else as she has hold of him tight in her spell.

They move slowly on through ancient paths that have not changed with time.  She loves the forest and feels at peace and as she draws him closer he can feel his senses whirl with emotions and feelings that capture his very heart and soul.

She enters a clearing and whirls around with happiness her hands held high in the air embracing all in her world.  This is her place and takes it in with joy.  Her oak tree strong and proud with boughs of laden foliage that shelter her as she sits.  The mossy ground with faerie rings, the small stream trickling gently.  He watches hidden on the edge of the clearing, the light summer breeze caressing their skin, the sun warm and the gentle whispering of the wood.

Time stands still as she sits her face raised in homage to the goddess, he can hardly breathe as he watches her every move, this maiden so beautiful and so pure.

The sun dips and she moves over to the oak, glancing around with a playful smile on her lovely face.  She slowly and sensuously removes her robe; it falls slowly, moving down her perfect body like a silken river, stroking each contour before falling in a silken puddle on the forest floor.  She steps out of it and raising her arms to the sky as she revels in her nudity.  He can’t breathe, his heart is racing, he longs to go to her, hold and love her, this Lady of light.

Turning until she is facing where he is hidden, she smiles and calls him softly ‘M’Lord come to me for I am yours’

Slowly he walks out from behind the tree, his heart is pounding, his mouth is dry, his every move heavy as he makes his way to her.

Taking his hand she takes him to her and he feels such lust and such love that his senses take over.  In haste he removes his clothing as she smiles and watches, holding him with her eyes.

His arms pull her to him and he kisses her neck, her face and then the sweetness of her mouth.  The forest no longer exists as he drowns in the depth of his love.  Her skin feels soft and warm against his, his manhood risen, hard and proud; he lays her down and begins the song of love.  She moans as he takes each part of her body, sighs as he takes her passion and slowly he enters his Lady of Light and the joyful rocking motion of love begins as their love and passions rises in waves over them.  Crying out she holds him tight as he empties his seed deep within her.

The forest whispers around the couple as they lay sleeping as time drifts away the forest is ageless in its age and beauty.  He wakes and looks down at his Lady of Light asleep in his arms and drifts back to sleep with a smile on his face.

He stretches and reaches to find that she has gone,  he calls,  his heart heavy for he knows that there is no-one there.  As years go by his heart in darkness he searches in vain for his Lady of Light and becomes of the forest waiting and hiding.

He senses her before he sees her, he is older but to him she is ageless.  It is dusk and drawn to her yet again they move through the forest, he follows in awe, his heart racing, the love still so strong beating in his heart.  They come to the clearing and as before they play out their roles.  He hides and watches as she takes it all in with joy.  She raises her hands and embraces the goddess and turns slowly to face him and softly calls ‘M’Lord come to me for I am still yours’

Heart racing with such joy he rushes to her and as he draws near he sees not a maiden of his memory but a mother.  He stops his emotions in a whirl; she smiles gently and holds out her hand, as he comes to her she murmurs ’M’Lord’ and as if he was a child holds him to her breast.  They stay embraced and slowly he feels his love returning and with the experience of age he slowly undresses her and kisses her neck.  She moans as his lips caress her skin, she strokes and caresses him as his manhood rises hard and proud.  He lays her gently on the ground her body plumper and softer from motherhood.  As they feel their passion rise the slow and deeper feelings grow and he calls out for his lost love of the light and looks down on his Lady of the Dark.

Crying out she holds him tight a tear falling as he calls for his youth.  They lay in passion spent and she rises, her body beautiful as mother, her soul still Light she moves away.  He watches in wonder and sudden realisation that he has lost his love.  A tear falls and joins hers on the ground.

She moves slowly this Lady of the Dark through her forest.  He follows hidden and watches as she moves away from him, he can smell her perfume and as his love soared he realised that she was his Light and Dark, for they have grown old together.  He tries to catch her but she has gone to far ahead, he calls in desperation.  She turns and smiles with tears on her face and then goes from his sight.

He falls to the ground his mind is shattered for in realisation he had lost his one true love for too late he had realised that love is ageless.  From Maiden to Mother to Crone they are all of the Light and dark.


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Im a wickedywitch, this blog is about my daily pottering, my writing, poetry, and general witchy things I get upto, from foraging to make wine, or herbal remedys, to drumming, or creating an item from scratch with materials or cooking.
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