Wickedywitch Poetry – Love Betrayed

When love is taken and shredded

And the heart is left shattered

What is left to believe in

Can one survive the betrayal within?

To give ones love so wholeheartedly

Believing all is true and without complicity

To find that trust and love has been tainted

That leaves a heart in tatters

Tears of sadness and heartbreak

Spills from eyes of hurt and anger

Bewildered as the truth settles in

As life looks bleakly and misery seeps in.

So gullible and naive after all

Taken to be such a fool throughout it all

To love so deeply and left so unhappy

Will ever a heart heal from such a betrayal?

And the truth be told as in the end it always is

the bitter pill that seems your life it ENDS

is but a potion of tomorrows happiness

as you begin AGAIN


About wickedywitch

Im a wickedywitch, this blog is about my daily pottering, my writing, poetry, and general witchy things I get upto, from foraging to make wine, or herbal remedys, to drumming, or creating an item from scratch with materials or cooking.
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6 Responses to Wickedywitch Poetry – Love Betrayed

  1. lovely write……..enjoyed reading

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