Wickedywtch Stories – The Secret Life of Annie – part 9

Annie and Laura waited nervously for Simon to appear, the wait was endless. Eventually escorted by the security guard he came through the door, the security guard asked Annie ‘do you want to see your husband, Mrs Marsh or I can stay if you prefer’ clutching at her daughters hand she looked at Simon and wearily said to the man ‘it’s ok’ Once he had left Simon instantly started berating her, Annie listened quietly at first then could feel the anger rising in her again. She held up her hand to stop Simon in mid sentence because she could feel Laura shaking.  ‘Simon! how dare you! Now Laura would you go and fetch us a hot drink and yourself of course, give us half an hour’ then looking sternly at Simon ‘ your father and I need to talk’ Simon looked like he was about to burst a blood vessel as Laura scurried out of the room.

As soon as the door shut Simon started ‘you bitch, how dare you talk to me like that’ his fists clenched tightly either side of him.  Annie glared at him, ‘it’s quite simple Simon, I haven’t spoken to the police yet!’ he stared at her as if she was some type of alien that had taken over his wife, she carried on enjoying his discomfort ‘I’m going to come home and you are going to treat me with respect, I’m sick of being your slave, and the first thing I will be doing is booking somewhere for me to stay for a week to recuperate’  Simon felt like he was going to explode and was about to hit out when Nurse Graham walked in with a Police Officer in tow. The police officer took in the scene in front of him and felt his hackles rise. ‘Mrs Marsh I’m PC Harris’ and turning to Simon ‘Mr Marsh would you give us a minute I want to interview your wife in private. Simon going a bright red and looking rather sweaty nodded and stalked out of the room.

Laura watched from the dayroom her father storm out of the room; she kept hidden as she couldn’t face him at the moment.  The room was luckily quiet at the moment so she could discreetly watch without being observed. Nurse Graham was also watching him she had seen his type far too often and Annie was such a gentle lovely lady. The daughter was hiding in the dayroom, said it all to her. She was giving the police fifteen minutes then she was going in to check on her patient.

The Police officer looked at Annie Marsh and had pretty much summoned up what had really happened that evening, but she wasn’t budging on her story of falling down the stairs. He still found it hard that abused partners, sadly male and female nowadays, protected their violent partners. Oh well not a lot I can do here, ‘ok Mrs Marsh I will get this typed up and will come and get your signature, if you want to change the statement or think of anything else you may want to add let us know, you have my card’ nodding Annie took the card and watched as the officer left the room, she suddenly felt drained and lay back on her pillows exhausted emotionally as well as physically. She didn’t know where she had got the strength never mind the nerve to talk back to Simon like she had done.

Nurse Graham watched the officer leave the room and headed to her patient before Mr Marsh made an appearance.  Annie looked as white as a sheet, ‘ok Annie it’s time for you to get some rest, you can have ten minutes with your family then rest’ she looked at Annie as she nodded sleepily at her.  Heading to the dayroom, Nurse Graham knew that Annie had lied to the police but that’s up to her, while she’s in this hospital she will be protected. ‘Laura your mums free but only for ten minutes, she is exhausted’ jumping up Laura ran to her mother’s room ‘are you ok mum?’  She looked so white laying on the pillows, Annie slowly opened her eyes and smiled, ‘I’m ok love, and don’t worry all sorted with the police’ closing her eyes again, she was struggling to keep them open. ‘You get yourself off love I’ll see you tomorrow’ giving her mum a hug she left her as her dad barged past her and headed into the room, Laura stood hesitantly not sure whether to go or stay, Nurse Graham came up to her, ‘don’t worry dear, we will look after her, see you tomorrow’

Simon was now in full rage, his face red, his neck muscles extended as he leaned as close to Annie’s face as he could get he spat ‘you bitch, wait till I get you home, you think you can talk and behave that way with me…’ the spittle flecking from his mouth and scattering over her face she turned away in disgust, he grabbed her face back and was about to carry on when a firm voice stopped him ‘ I suggest you step away from my patient Mr Marsh, security are on their way, are you alright dear’ walking towards Annie. Simon stepped aside and then just as abruptly walked out of the ward and headed out of the hospital his fury building into frenzy as he headed to his car.  Giving the tyres a kick he got in and drove home.


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Im a wickedywitch, this blog is about my daily pottering, my writing, poetry, and general witchy things I get upto, from foraging to make wine, or herbal remedys, to drumming, or creating an item from scratch with materials or cooking.
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