Wickedywitch stories – The Secret Life of Annie – part 8

The car park at the hospital was full, Laura drove round and round until she finally managed to nip into a vacated spot. She felt apprehensive at seeing her mother; it had been three weeks since she had called the ambulance.  Walking to the hospital doors she made her way up to the ward. Pushing open the door she could see the nurse that had mainly been looking after her mother, smiling she headed over to her.  The nurse watched Laura heading towards her and came out to meet her, she took her into a side room that was vacant at the moment, and she wanted to talk to her privately before she went in to see her mother.  Laura nervously followed the nurse, she was thinking allsorts, was her mother brain damaged, was she worse than they had thought. ‘Laura’ the nurse began ‘your mother woke up this afternoon, she was terrified of your father, didn’t want him to know that she was awake? Is there anything you want to tell me?’  Laura lowered her head, she felt so ashamed, and before she could think too much on it, she blurted the whole thing out in a rush. The nurse listened and didn’t interrupt until she finished, then taking her in her arms hugged her as she cried like a baby on the nurses shoulder.  The pent up feelings of fear and disgust had finally come out and as she slowly stopped crying, the nurse handed her a tissue. ‘Now dear, what are we going to do to help your mother, you do know the police want to talk to her?’ nodding not daring to speak Laura blew her nose.  ‘Can I see my mum now and I will tell her what I have done’ the nurse smiled and stood up, ‘come on she will be looking for you’ the two women headed to Annie’s room.

Annie had just finished a cup of tea when Laura closely followed by Nurse Graham came in. Laura cried out and rushed over to her mother ‘mum, oh mum it’s so good to see you awake’ the tears falling anew as her mum stroked her head. Nurse Graham smiled and left the two to talk. Annie let her daughters tears subside, ‘it’s okay honey, the doctor said my body had shut down to protect itself while it was healing, I’m okay now’ Laura sat up and once again dried her tears. ‘Mum, I told the police a lie, I told them you had fallen down the stairs, I’m sorry mum I didn’t know what to do, Dad had run away, you were bleeding and in so much pain’ Annie could see the stricken look of guilt on her daughters face and anger started to seep into her ‘it’s okay darling, that’s what I will tell the police too, I’m sorry you had to witness what your dad did to me, I don’t know what came over him’ she sounded so matter of fact even to herself, in fact she felt cold about the whole incident now.

Laura and Annie had gone over and over the details of that night, she was wondering what was going through her sons mind, she will have to deal with that when she’s out of hospital. Gasping she suddenly remembered her handbag, ‘Laura, where’s my handbag?’ fear coursing through her that Simon had found it. ‘Oh your handbag, I have it mum, I thought it best to put it in my car, and it’s in the boot’ with a sigh of relief Annie smiled, ‘keep it safe till I’m home, I’ll get it off you then’ her handbag had all her private things in mainly though her secret bank account and her pill. As they were talking a commotion could be heard outside in the ward, both women jumped as they recognised the raised voice.

Simon, in full fury had entered the hospital ward and had realised that his wife was awake and no-one had contacted him. He was shouting at the nurse when security arrived to calm him down. Taking him out of the ward the security team took him to a side room to talk to him. Simon realising he was making a scene pulled himself together and apologised whilst placing his head in his hands.


About wickedywitch

Im a wickedywitch, this blog is about my daily pottering, my writing, poetry, and general witchy things I get upto, from foraging to make wine, or herbal remedys, to drumming, or creating an item from scratch with materials or cooking.
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