Wickedywitch stories – The Secret Life of Annie – part 7

The doctor had been pleased with her progress and she had enjoyed a cup of tea and some toast. Sitting up in her bed she had been able to observe the little room she had been put in. It was plain as hospital rooms are but to her it felt safe and comfortable in its starkness.  Closing her eyes for a moment she drifted into sleep.

Laura had received the phone call just moments before her father had stormed into the house; she knew he had been to see her mother.  She could hear him banging around in the kitchen, chuntering to himself, her problem was how to go out without him questioning her, she might have to wait and slip out. At least her mother was finally awake, it had frightened her seeing her so pale and unresponsive on the hospital bed, her father was frightening her to. The house was a mess, and if she tried to do anything he shouted to her ‘leave it, your mother will sort it out’ her mother’s life was going to be a living hell when she got back.

The banging carried on for another five minutes then silence. Laura decided to head for the door and take a chance he wouldn’t be interested with what she was up to.  Grabbing her coat and handbag she walked with shoulders back to the front door, her heart was beating so hard and loud she was sure he could hear it. Since he had beaten her mother he had turned into a vile and impatient man she didn’t recognise anymore, he had always been distant and unapproachable but now he was frightening and she didn’t know what more he was capable of. The police had questioned her relentlessly, they hadn’t really believed that her mother had fallen, she felt guilty lying, and her brother hadn’t spoken to her since, he hadn’t visited the hospital once. He hardly came home and when he did, it was a quick shower and off again. The only interaction had been a violent row with their dad, which had ended with Wayne banging out of the house with a ‘fuck you’ as he left.

Just as her hand contacted with the door handle, a chilling quiet voice stilled her ‘and where do you think you are going missy’ closing her eyes to still herself, Laura turned round, ‘I’m off out, got to go and see Mr Harrison about returning to work’ the lie tripped of her tongue with ease she thought to herself, luckily Mr Harrison had been very understanding. Simon just glared at his daughter; ‘just like your mother’ he sneered at her and thankfully turned and left her standing shaking at the door. Dashing out to her car she drove off with relief of getting out of the house and away from her father, even if it was only for a short time.

Simon could feel the anger rising in him again, glaring at a dirty mug on the side he grabbed at it, the house was filthy while that lazy cow lay in bed. Flinging the cup into the sink, he could hear the pottery smash. A letter from the bank sat on the side, advising him to return to work. Tomorrow he would have to return to work and pretend that he was concerned about the deceitful bitch, as soon as he got her home she would know who was boss. Staring out the window he could see Annie’s car in the drive, cursing he thought ‘ that bloody car can go, in fact it can bloody go now’ almost running out of the house grabbing the keys and getting into the car, he drove it down to the local garage. They would soon sell it for him.


About wickedywitch

Im a wickedywitch, this blog is about my daily pottering, my writing, poetry, and general witchy things I get upto, from foraging to make wine, or herbal remedys, to drumming, or creating an item from scratch with materials or cooking.
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