Wickedywitch poetry – The Oak

To sit beneath a great oak in all its glory

Its boughs home to dreams and thoughts

It stands in all its majesty for two friends

One Oak in America and one oak in the UK.


In the fading light of the day she sits and thinks

In the warmth of the day time sun he sits and thinks.

The time difference matters not for the grand old oak

For one thought travels throughout its bark.


She loves her oak, the serenity it gives her,

To sit and dreams her dreams of finding love

Is it possible at her age, or is it just a dream

The oak sends out a calming effect on her.


He sits his back against the Oak his mind busy

He loves the beautiful views from the tree,

he relaxes against it and his mind wanders

to the loneliness of the Cowboy alone


They found each other through the internet

Helping each other a friendship strong and true,

For like their oaks they are both loyal of heart

A special bond between them that won’t be broken.


About wickedywitch

Im a wickedywitch, this blog is about my daily pottering, my writing, poetry, and general witchy things I get upto, from foraging to make wine, or herbal remedys, to drumming, or creating an item from scratch with materials or cooking.
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