Wickedywitch Stories – The Secret Life of Annie – Part 6

Annie could hear noises; she listened with her eyes tightly shut. Yes definite voices and sounds she couldn’t make out.  Tentatively she moved her toes and fingers relaxing as no pain came with the movement.  She was terrified of opening her eyes; the darkness was her comfort, only her and the dark to contend with. As she lay there, her memory started going through details of Simons attack on her, she tried to push it away but it wouldn’t go away. She started as the door opened, she could feel hands on her wrists and then pulling the covers off of her, terrified she lay as still as she could. She could feel gentle hands on her, washing in slow gentle movements, trying hard to not make a movement as the nurse did what she needed to do.  Finally the covers were wrapped around her and she felt clean and comfortable.  Her tummy rumbled so loudly she was frightened that the nurse would notice. The hunger was taking over and along came the desperate need for a drink.  The nurse took hold of her hand, in a very quiet voice ‘it’s okay you are in hospital, you can open your eyes its only you and me in here’ slowly Annie opened her eyes, the bright light hurt her head, closing them again then slowly opening them ‘ the nurse had turned off the light. ‘Do you want a drink’ nodding too frightened to speak, the nurse lifted her slightly and gave her a sip of water, it felt cool and refreshing as it slid down her dry throat.  ‘I’ll be back in a minute dear, have to let the doctor know you have come around, your family will be glad to see you awake, your daughter has hardly left you’ panic settled in ‘no, don’t, no please’ the nurse smiled ‘it’s ok dear, shhh, let the doctor check you over, looks like your husband has arrived’ Annie grabbed the nurses hand ‘please don’t tell him I’m awake yet… please don’t’ the fear was so tight in her chest she could hardly breathe.  The Nurse nodded, ‘you go back to sleep, he doesn’t stay long’ shaking her head she left Annie, and went back to the desk, Simon Marsh was stood impatiently, feeling annoyed the nurse said abruptly ‘Mr Marsh, no change to report, don’t be long the consultants are on their way round’ she watched him head to his wife’s room, she knew it hadn’t been a fall. Picking up the telephone she rang to let the consultant know that his patient was awake.

Simon glared down at his wife; it was all her fault, stupid bitch!. There will be changes made at home when she got back, he obviously had been to soft, the cheek of the woman to answer him back, he was the provider, worked hard all day, and she couldn’t even make him a drink. It made him so angry to think his wife had talked back at him.  Leaning down he pinched her leg, it took all of Annie’s will to stop herself from flinching at his touch, never mind the pain of the pinch. ‘Wake up Annie it’s time for you to come home’ moving away from the bed to look out of the window, Simon clenched his fist in frustration. Turning sharply he walked out of the room.

Annie opened her eyes slightly when she had heard Simon leave the room. She rubbed at her leg where he had pinched her and the tears fell down her cheek, she was frightened of going home, her life will be a living hell. The nurse came in and shook her head, ‘can I call your daughter Mrs Marsh, she wanted to know as soon as you woke up, she has been with you every day since you were bought in’ nodding Annie looked up at the nurse and whispered ‘sorry, I didn’t want him to know’ patting her hand the nurse said ‘it’s alright dear, I understood, the doctors on his way down then we can get you something to eat and a nice cup of tea’


About wickedywitch

Im a wickedywitch, this blog is about my daily pottering, my writing, poetry, and general witchy things I get upto, from foraging to make wine, or herbal remedys, to drumming, or creating an item from scratch with materials or cooking.
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