Wickedywitch 3rd March 2013

Sunday started off as a long lie in, love my lie ins no pressure to get up, a good comfy pottering day.  This Sunday however we are getting a larder fridge delivered, we have bought it from a friend.  I had cleared the outside utility ready for it.  It’s amazing what you amass in a fridge, the back of the fridge housed some dodgy items that had been placed in there to use and hadn’t been.  We all do it, it’s like the vegetable tray isn’t it?  I have sorted out that, due to working full time and bringing up a family, I contacted a market gardener friend of mine for advice.  I asked if I had fresh sealable boxes and diced up my carrots, broccoli florets, cauliflower florets etc would they remain fresh enough to use for a week.  He couldn’t see why not, so I thought give it a go, if you don’t try you don’t know if it will work.  So I bought two large fresh sealable boxes, in the one I diced up a week’s supply of carrots, cut the broccoli and cauliflower into florets, runner beans top and tailed.  Then the next day when I came home from work all I had to do is get the boxes out, take the veg out, straight into their pans.  All that was left for me to do was peel and dice potatoes.  This worked very well, the challenge was would it still be fresh by the weekend.  Saturday came around, the boxes were nearly empty but all fresh, so Sundays became the vegetable preparation for the week. Music on, drink by side and off we jolly well go, chop, chop and dice. Definitely a huge time saver for a busy mum.

After the fridge had been installed in its place we headed to the local B&Q store for some paint, and polyfiller, time for the bedroom to get a makeover.  We had decided on a green, easy you would have thought, but no, the colours there were pale or over bright, finally we found a lovely one called peapod.  Made me smile though, we make a potent wine called peapod wine, and a very dear friend of ours got extremely squiffey on it, and to this day the peapod wine is known for its potency.

BB Wickdeywitch


About wickedywitch

Im a wickedywitch, this blog is about my daily pottering, my writing, poetry, and general witchy things I get upto, from foraging to make wine, or herbal remedys, to drumming, or creating an item from scratch with materials or cooking.
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