Wickedywitch stories – The Secret Life of Annie – part 4


The house felt empty not in the usual way of nobody being in, but of unloved and Annie sensed it more than ever today.  She dragged in her shopping and put them away mechanically, whilst her mind replayed over and over again the misery of her life, she had lost who she was. As a young girl she had had so many plans. A tear dripped a sad trail down her cheek, followed by another, wiping half-heartedly at it she quickly wrapped up Simons birthday present before he got home.  The rest of the evening she moved and worked like a robot, the kids ate their dinner and went their different ways; Simon parked himself onto the couch in front of the television, leaving Annie to wash the dishes.

Sitting quietly reading, Annie struggled to read the words, her mind was busy with her dissatisfaction with her life. The more she looked at Simon the more the hate rose in her chest, she had to get away somehow, and once the thought took seed she started to plan in her head how she would go about it, she had squirreled away some money enough to get herself a little flat or something. Simon stirred in his seat then snapped at her ‘ stop daydreaming and get me a drink, you don’t do anything all day and you can’t even look after your family’ he sneered something just snapped in Annie and as the anger rose she stood up and shouted ‘well get up of your lazy fat arse and get it yourself’ and started to walk away.  Simon sat shocked to the core that his well trained wife had just talked back at him, standing up he took two steps and stopped her in her tracks, ‘ how dare you’ he spat with such venom and with one swift movement he hit out and caught Annie just under her eye, the force sending her flying against the wall. The wind knocked out of her, Annie shook her head and started to get up as a kick knocked her back to the floor, her natural reflex action taking her into a fetal position as the kicks reigned onto her body until her body took over and she mercifully passed out. Simon spent with his anger looked down in horror at the bloody unconscious body of his wife and slowly sank to his knees.  As he glanced up he could see his two children looking at horror at the scene in front of their eyes.

Annie woke up and moaned at the pain in her side, gingerly she felt her face; it was puffy and felt very uncomfortable.  Slowly she sat up, the pain unbearable and as she righted herself a wave of nausea gripped her. The room was dark and she felt so cold and very alone, the tears fell unchecked down her swollen and bruised face.  A small hand started to stroke her head, Annie started with initial fear until she realised it was her daughter Laura.  ‘Mum, talk to me are you ok’ her voice so young and frightened.  Annie looked up and saw a frightened child looking at her in horror, the tears flowed unashamedly down her face.


About wickedywitch

Im a wickedywitch, this blog is about my daily pottering, my writing, poetry, and general witchy things I get upto, from foraging to make wine, or herbal remedys, to drumming, or creating an item from scratch with materials or cooking.
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