Wickedywitch stories – The Secret Life of Annie … part 1

Annie Marsh was in a hurry, she was always in a hurry these days.  As she dashed from one shop to another, quickly glancing at her list of ‘to do’s’ her arms aching from the heavy bags filled with food for tonight’s meal, struggling not to drop Simon’s suit she had just picked up from the dry cleaners, why do they have to use the most slippery of plastic as the suit slipped from her grasp for the hundredth time.  Only one more thing to do on her list then she can make her weary way home.  Dumping her bags in the boot of her car and gently laying the suit on the back seat Annie climbed in to the driving seat with a sigh of relief.  Her car was the one thing her husband had given her that she considered a godsend, not that he had given it to her willingly, oh no Simon was the tightest meanest man with his money and she could remember vividly how he had re-acted when she had asked him for a car of her own.  ‘and where do you think we have the money and why on earth do you need a car you don’t go to work’  Simon loved to belittle her and the fact she was a stay at home wife he loved to make sure she knew that she was reliant on him for anything she wanted.  Annie however had very quickly learnt how to get what she wanted by using her wits and had ceased having time to collect his suits, or going to the shops for Laura and Wayne her children.  After a couple of months he had grudgingly bought her a little Ford KA and to Annie it was the first burst of independence she had had since she had married Simon.

Simon had swept her of her feet, she had been a young inexperienced young country girl, and Simon in his suit had been to Annie the most handsome of men and when he had asked her out she had been so flustered and blushing that she couldn’t get out her yes.  Simon though had instantly got her measure and before long they were seeing each other regularly.  He was a bank clerk at that time in the small town of Pershore in Worcestershire.  Annie was a clerk typist for local solicitors, her first and last job as when Simon had asked her to marry him he had strongly stipulated that no wife of his would work.  Annie snorted at the memory she had soon realised that Simon was a control freak and what he said went, so she had handed in her notice and they had married a quiet affair as Simon didn’t want the fuss.  It wasn’t long before she fell pregnant with her daughter Laura who had been a demanding baby and when she had asked for Simon’s help he had soon dismissed her with ‘I go to work you stay at home how dare you ask for me to help you with your job’ and strutting out his chest in the pompous way he had ‘do I ask you to do mine’ and Annie had become in effect Simon’s slave and it wasn’t long before she fell pregnant with Wayne.  Now she had two children under the age of 3 to look after as Simon didn’t agree with the pill, Annie had soon sorted out that by hiding her pill from him and taking it after he had gone to work in the morning. This was the first of her rebellious actions against her husband.


About wickedywitch

Im a wickedywitch, this blog is about my daily pottering, my writing, poetry, and general witchy things I get upto, from foraging to make wine, or herbal remedys, to drumming, or creating an item from scratch with materials or cooking.
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